What Are The Most Used AWS Products?

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Want to know how companies like Netflix handle millions of requests? They leverage AWS's capabilities to their fullest potential! AWS offers a variety of cloud computing services and products. There are only a few companies in the cloud computing world that are so large and present as AWS.

It has become challenging for businesses and developers to scale applications, manage costs, and ensure speed and security. This is where Amazon cloud products come in! 

Currently, Amazon Web Services offers 300+ AWS products or cloud services in the major categories, including Compute, Storage, Database, Networking and Content Delivery, Analytics, Machine Learning, Security, Identity, and compliance. 

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services was first introduced in 2002 to assist developers with tools and services. It helped them incorporate features like into their websites. In 2006, they launched their first cloud services.

In 2016, AWS surpassed its 10 billion revenue target. It now offers more than 200 self-managed products and services in multiple domains. (You can check all their cloud products here!) So, this is how far AWS has come as of now

This cloud-based platform has a revenue model of pay-as-you-go. It means payment is done only for the resources you have used. It handles intensive workloads without incurring unnecessary costs or performance compromises. 

Moreover, businesses can adjust their infrastructure if a need for scalability arises. 

On top of that, AWS offers robust security services such as network firewallsartifactsSSL/TLS certificatesAmazon security lake, etc. to keep your data and applications secure.

Top 17 AWS Products List In 2024

AWS’s wide array of cloud products and services serves some of the world's leading companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Twitch, The GuardianSony, Adobe, and more. This section briefly talks about the top 17 innovative AWS cloud products that such big tech giants are leveraging. Scroll below and learn about the capabilities of the #1 global cloud services provider!

Core AWS Products

Compute  Services

  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) lets you rent instances or virtual computers. It has the capacity to resize servers and scale accordingly. 
  • Amazon Lambda is a serverless computer that runs your code at the backend. It runs code after certain events occur like data changes, image uploads, in-app activity, etc. 

Storage Services

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable data storage service. Some other Amazon S3 use cases include document storagedata archivingdata backupsoftware deliveryInternet of Things, and more.
  • Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) creates storage volume and attaches them to Amazon EC2 instances. They are placed in a specific availability zone for automatic replication and prevention of a single component failure. 

Database Services

  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) sets, operates, and scales several popular database engines (such as MySQLOracleMariaDBPostgreSQL, etc.) in the cloud.

Networking and Content Delivery AWS Products

  • Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a regional service that spans different availability zones. It consists of a default VPC (pre-configured in every region where you use AWS) and a custom VPC (you can create your own isolated VPC). This allows you to organize and separate your account resources.
  • Amazon CloudFront is a fast, highly secure, and programmable CDN (Content Delivery Network) that delivers static and dynamic content via its edge locations worldwide. You can use either an AWS origin or your custom origin server. 
  • AWS Direct Connect connects your on-prem network to AWS directly. It establishes a private, secure, and stable connection. For instance, it offers a safe way to connect sizable corporate office sites or traditional data centers to AWS VPC without using the public internet. 

Security and Identity AWS Products

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) manages identities in an AWS account or creates temporary credentials for workloads. It helps set permissions at a very detailed level to manage multiple IAM users who have access to your AWS account. It offers tools for monitoring and auditing access to your AWS resources. 
  • AWS Shield is pre-configured to automatically protect against common network and transport layer attacks, such as UDP floods and targeted DDoS attacks. 

It leverages a multi-layered approach to protect your resources. For instance, Shield Advanced automatically deploys network and application layer mitigations such as rate limiting, dropping traffic, or using advanced routing techniques. 

Developer-Friendly AWS Products

  • AWS CodePipeline defines a series of steps or stages for your code, such as buildingtesting, and deploying. It enables full CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) automation and displays a single-release pipeline visual. 
  • AWS CodeBuild automatically builds, tests, and deploys developers' code. It takes source code from the code repository (GitHub or AWS CodeCommit) and runs and tests scripts. Overall, it is a fully managed, cloud-based service offered to automate the software release process. 
  • AWS CodeDeploy automates the process of deploying application code to your servers. These could be on-prem servers, Amazon EC2 instances, serverless lambda functions, web and configuration files, executables, packages, scripts, multimedia files, or servers running on other cloud providers.

An AWS CodeDeploy application contains information about what to deploy and how to deploy it.

Management and Governance AWS Products

  • AWS CloudWatch monitors AWS resources and other user applications running on Amazon infrastructure. It offers valuable insights into your applications and infrastructure's performance and health. 
  • AWS CloudFormation sets blueprints for your cloud infrastructure that defines, provisions, and manages your AWS resources consistently and accurately. You can manage anything from a single Amazon EC2 instance to a complex, multi-tier, multi-region application. 

To get started with CloudFormation, you create a template and a JSON file that serves as a blueprint. It defines the configuration of all the AWS resources that comprise your infrastructure and application stack.

AI-based AWS ML Products

  • Amazon SageMaker is an integrated development environment with a single web-based visual interface that gives you access to purpose-built tools to perform all machine-learning development steps. 
  • Amazon Rekognition optimizes media analysis with easy-to-use AI. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify objects, people, scenes, texts, and activities from visual content. 

For instance, Amazon Rekognition identity verification detects, compares, and runs face liveness checks to authenticate on-board or log users into your platform and efficiently mitigate spoofing attacks. 

Here, the blog comes to an end! It covered detailed insights about leveraging the top 17 AWS products and services to their fullest potential. 

Most Used AWS Products by Usage Numbers

AWS ProductMonthly Active Users (Estimate)Usage Description
Amazon EC25+ millionProvides scalable virtual servers for running applications.
Amazon S33+ millionObject storage service for scalable and secure data storage.
Amazon RDS1+ millionManaged relational database service supporting various database engines.
AWS Lambda1+ millionServerless computing service to run code in response to events.
Amazon DynamoDB1+ millionFully managed NoSQL database service for high performance and scalability.
Amazon VPC500,000+Enables users to launch AWS resources in a virtual network.
Amazon CloudFront500,000+Content delivery network (CDN) to deliver data, videos, and applications globally.
AWS IAM5+ millionManages access to AWS services and resources securely.
Amazon Redshift250,000+Fully managed data warehouse service for large-scale data analysis.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk100,000+Platform as a Service (PaaS) for deploying and scaling web applications and services.

Most Used AWS Products Costing

AWS ProductPricing Description
Amazon EC2On-demand: Pay per hour or second. Reserved: Up to 75% discount; Spot Instances: Up to 90% discount
Amazon S3Storage: $0.023 per GB; Requests: $0.005 per 1,000 GET requests
Amazon RDSInstance Pricing: Starting at $0.017/hour. Storage: $0.10 per GB/month
AWS LambdaFree Tier: 1M requests/month. Beyond Free Tier: $0.20 per 1M requests
Amazon DynamoDBOn-Demand: $1.25 per WCU and $0.25 per RCU. Provisioned: $0.00065 per WCU and $0.00013 per RCU
Amazon VPCNo additional charge; Data transfer charges apply
Amazon CloudFrontData Transfer: $0.085 per GB (first 10 TB). Requests: $0.0075 per 10,000 HTTP requests
AWS IAMFree to use
Amazon RedshiftOn-Demand: $0.25 per hour; Reserved Instances: Up to 75% discount
AWS Elastic BeanstalkFree for AWS resources used. Costs depend on underlying services

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