What is Static Hosting?

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The most affordable and simplest way of hosting a website is static hosting, which has static pre-built pages and files.

Web hosting is an incredible way of building a durable web presence, storing offsite data, and maintaining a stable and safe server environment. As a business, web hosting is your key to offering top-notch customer services and keeping your servers running 24*7.

There are different types of web hosting, and among the most popular choice is static web hosting. 

Getting to Know About Static Websites Hosting

The most common way of web hosting, static web hosting, refers to the simplest form of web hosting using static websites. If you are unaware of what a static website is, then you must know that it is a website that has fixed pre-built files stored on a server. This static website is the easiest to maintain and host and offer the most cost-effective options for web hosting to businesses. 

The simplicity of static websites makes them a popular choice for web hosting. The files on static websites are written in 'client-side' languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which make them more user-friendly. Therefore, static websites are the easiest to use, build, and maintain, and they also offer the simplest options for web hosting.  

What are Some Common Types of Static Websites?

Before getting to know in detail about static web hosting, users must quickly recognize which website is static or dynamic. Some of the most common types of static websites that you come across every day on the internet are as follows:

  1. Read-only websites
  2. Portfolio websites
  3. Resume websites
  4. Brochure websites

What Makes Static Hosting Different From Dynamic Hosting?

When it comes to web hosting, most businesses are confused about choosing the right type of website. A static website has a fixed number of pre-built files that are stored on the web server.

Users visiting a static website cannot make any changes to the website as it is built with fixed codes. Only a web developer can make changes to static websites manually.

In contrast, a dynamic website does not have fixed pre-built files, and the server shows different results for different visitors depending on their search focus. The servers of dynamic websites do not have fixed codes, and each time a visitor opens the website, the server generates a new code, and the database is required to generate a finished page. 

The static vs dynamic hosting battle is neverending; however, if your business is seeking a simple user interface, cost-efficient web hosting options, and a fast-loading server, then undoubtedly, static web hosting is your ideal choice. If you are still curious to know about the major differences between static and dynamic hosting, take a look at the table below:

FeaturesStatic HostingDynamic Hosting
Language usedSimple client-side language is used, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.Uses high-level scripted language, such as PHP. 
Server-side processingNo server-side processing is required as the files are served as they are.Dynamic websites require server-side processing to deliver dynamic content.
Development and Deployment complexitiesThe development and deployment processes are simple. Static files are uploaded during the deployment process.The development and deployment processes are complex and involve various complex steps. 
Security measuresAs there are fixed codes and no server-side executions involved, security risks are reduced in static hosting.Dynamic hosting requires strong security measures because database interactions and server-side responses are constantly involved. 
Suitable forIdeal for content-focused websites with minimal interactions.Ideal for websites with constant user interactions and efficient content management systems. 


4 Advantages that Make Static Web Hosting the Popular Choice

There are many benefits to static web hosting that you must be aware of. Some of the most significant benefits you can expect are as follows:

Excellent Choice for SEO

If your website is SEO-optimized and your aim is to welcome more organic traffic, static web hosting is an ideal choice. Static websites are more content-focused, and hence, the SEO-optimized content on your web pages can help you land higher in Google's search engine results and make your business and products more popular. 


Undoubtedly, static hosting is way cheaper than dynamic web hosting. There are no hassles relating to server-side and database interactions, and maintenance costs are very low. Static web hosting is a perfect choice for those who wish to spend less on web hosting and content management systems.  

Enhanced Security

The best part about static web hosting is its enhanced security and the least requirement for security maintenance. As static websites are built with fixed codes, the results of the web pages are similar throughout the web. As a result, the need to protect databases or prevent code theft is not required at all, as there are no databases to hack or steal. In a world full of unethical hacking and threats, what can be better than not having to fear hacking attacks? Therefore, static web hosting is much safer than dynamic. 

 Fastest Servers

Another significant advantage of choosing static web hosting is its fast-loading servers. Static websites are much faster than dynamic websites as they have fixed codes and no server-side processing involved. The lightning-fast server loading also leaves a good impression on the website visitors. 

Wrapping Up!

Therefore, if your business aims to host a website with pre-built content that will require the least maintenance cost and time and minimize security risks, static hosting is your ideal choice. With static hosting, you can also let go of the worries relating to server-side processing, regular maintenance, and upgrading the website with frequent interactive elements, like updates. Static websites make web hosting a simpler, hassle-free process, and if your website is more content-focused, you do not have to give a second thought to considering static hosting. Also, the simplicity and cost-effectiveness combined make static hosting an ideal choice for anyone seeking hassle-free web hosting options. 

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